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Conference venue
How to get there?

Getting to Szczecin is relatively easy: for those preferring railways, there are excellent direct InterCity Express connections available from Berlin and Warsaw; for those planning to fly, the recommended line is RyanAir operating direct flights from Stansted-London, or any of the flight operators offering connections from Warsaw-OkÄ™cie. For Participants from Scandinavia, the most convenient solution is probably a ferry journey to ĹšwinoujĹ›cie, where they should transfer to a local commuter train at the ferry terminal. In the "Recommended links" section of our website, we offer a list of options.

In general, however, our gateway cities remain London, Berlin and Warsaw. It is our strong recomendation that the Conference Participants (expecially those making transcontinental journeys) converge at a reasonably priced Hotel Spreebogen in Berlin  where they could stay at a reduced rate ahead of time should they so wish, and from which the shuttle bus to Szczecin arranged by us in cooperation with a tour operator would leave (the Volos model.) The tentative prices of the transportation agreed upon with our partners from MittelWest-Europa are the following:

  • Coach transportation per person - ca. 33 Euro  (ca. 40 USD)
  • Car transportation for min. 2 persons - ca. 54 Euro per person (ca. 67 USD)
  • Car transportation for one person - ca. 103 Euro (ca. 127 USD) 

Participants willing to use this service please download the MWE Booking Form for fax or MWE Booking form for E-mail here and contact Mittel-West Europa by e-mailing the info-desk operated by personnel responsible for this section of our logistics.

Participants willing to make the booking at the Hotel Spreebogen at a reduced price, are kindly requested to fill in the off-line Spreebogen Hotel Booking Form and fax it to the hotel or send it by e-mail. Alternatively, please book your room using the hotel's online registration system. In such a case, please make sure that in section No. 4 of the form you mention that you are a Participant of the Hearts of Darkness Conference.

For Participants flying from or via London, it is recommended that they take an inexpensive RyanAir flight from Stanstead directly to Szczecin-Goleniów, and then a shuttle bus to the center of Szczecin, where the conference hotels are located. To our best knowledge, there will be few or no bargains on August planefares to London or Berlin, but once participants get to either city, their transportation costs will be unexpectedly modest. Transatlantic tickets are a little easier to get on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so starting the Conference on Thursday (rather than Wednesday) is a plus. Because the exchange rates may change insignificantly, we suggest that you check the sums using a currency converter.

Please, note: the addresses of the hotels are the following:

ul. Wyszyńskiego 30
70-203 Szczecin
tel:  +48 (091) 481 77 00
fax: +48 (091) 481 77 01

Al. 3 maja St. 31
70-215 Szczecin, Poland
phone: +48 (0) 91 480 14 00
fax: +48 (0) 91 480 14 44